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Find out more about our brand & vision of our company!

Together towards success

We take you on a journey behind the scenes at KENSINGTON. Our franchise partners from different regions share their personal experiences and provide an insight into the many aspects of their work with KENSINGTON. Learn more about our values and visions and enjoy authentic insights into the spirit and soul of our company.

Available licence areas

  • Bielefeld

  • Chemnitz

  • Dortmund

  • Dresden

  • Duisburg

  • Kiel

  • Krefeld

  • Leipzig

  • Rostock

  • Wuppertal

Our steps together.

The process begins when you contact KENSINGTON. This can be done through our official website, by email or by phone. We will ask you to share basic information about yourself, your professional experience and your interest in the franchise partnership. This is also an opportunity for you to ask basic questions about the KENSINGTON franchise model and learn more about our company and your opportunities.


Together with you, KENSINGTON will carry out a market analysis in your region. This serves to assess the potential and opportunities for a KENSINGTON location in your area. The initial focus here is on information about the local property sector, competitors, demand and customer profiles.


If your interest and your market analysis are promising, we invite you to a personal meeting at the KENSINGTON Head Office. The purpose of this meeting is to give you a deeper insight into the franchise system, the values of the company and the expectations of franchise partners. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and meet the KENSINGTON team in person.


To get a better understanding of KENSINGTON's operations and customer service, you may be given the opportunity to visit an existing showroom. This can help you to experience the customer experience first-hand and see how the company operates.


If you are still interested in becoming a KENSINGTON franchise partner after the previous steps, you will be provided with a sample contract. This contract will set out the terms, obligations and expectations of both parties. It is important to review this contract carefully and seek legal advice if necessary to ensure that you understand and accept all terms and conditions.


If you are satisfied with the sample contract and all ambiguities have been clarified, you can sign the contract at the KENSINGTON Head Office. This marks your official start & we will begin our onboarding programme promptly!


„Trust and respect are the cornerstones of our of our expansion, because they not only build relationships, but also success.“


Daniel Kliche
Head of Expansion


Phone: +49 152 3468 2847

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Frequently asked questions

As a property franchise, KENSINGTON offers brand awareness, training, resources and networks that promote success. We invite you to get to know the many facets of our services as a franchisor in a personal meeting.

You can rely on our support in the sectors of training, marketing, technology and business management. You also have access to a large network of properties, customers and experience. This support will help you to increase your success and profitability.

Solid knowledge is essential for operating at the highest service level, therefore we offer comprehensive training for our partners. If you for example have experience as an entrepreneur, then talk to us about the possibilities of a partnership.

As a rule, you need equity capital, industry experience and a willingness to follow company guidelines and procedures. However, we also count on you to contribute your own ideas and offer career changers and entrepreneurs from other sectors the opportunity to gain a foothold in the property sector.

The ongoing costs for franchisees at KENSINGTON depend on factors such as franchise fees, licence fees, marketing expenses, operating costs and, for example, fees for training courses or tools used nationwide. We will be happy to provide you with an overview of the ongoing payments on request.

The costs vary depending on the location and size of the licence region. In addition to a fixed amount at the start of the licence, there are also ongoing fees. However, we always negotiate the best conditions for our partners.

KENSINGTON not only offers a great deal of freedom to realise your potential as an entrepreneur, but also a high level of support. The Germany-wide network facilitates active dialogue. In addition to the possibility of joint business beyond our own licensed region, this exchange enables us to learn from each other and optimise our own licensed region in an entrepreneurial sense, generate faster growth and avoid mistakes.

Louisa & Jens Przygodda
Franchise partners in Cologne

In my partnership with KENSINGTON, I find inspiration in their international network, excellent services and quality standards. These enable us to obtain mandates in the premium, luxury and property developer segment. Thanks to fair framework conditions and my licence region, I contribute to the expansion on the Berlin property market.

Andreas Wittig
Franchise partner in Berlin

Thanks to KENSINGTON as a strong partner, I can concentrate fully on my strengths and the development of the company. The short official channels and the familiar atmosphere in the network have confirmed my decision. I am delighted to be founding an innovative property company in the Ruhr region with KENSINGTON.

Tim Jessa
Franchise partner in Bochum